Goals & Aspirations


I added my goals and aspirations here because…

  1. I think you will find it interesting.
  2. It will help me focus on what’s important.
  3. If you know what I’m doing and you want to help or know someone who would be interested in working with me, that would be great!

My Core Values

Where do my goals and aspirations stem from?


  • Flexible schedule
  • Go where the waves are good, when the waves are good
  • Ability to travel – weekend trips, 1 extended trip per quarter, 1 month of off-grid travel per year, extended stay in a region 3-6 months


  • Add value to the lives of my loved ones
    • They are happier when I’m present than when I’m away
    • I can support my family and friends when they need help
  • Make my community a better place to live
    • Safer
    • Healthier
    • More enjoyable


  • Maintaining relationships with close friends and family
  • Being able to support myself

Goals & Aspirations

2020 – Spring: Return to USA. Make San Diego my home base. Still be able to travel or live abroad for part of the year.

2022 – Educate 1 million people about plastics and their impact on the environment.


  • Create an education and accounting system for ocean pollution.
  • Create a community and/or venture fund to support environmental research and conservation.

Bucket List

Learn Mandarin – Read, write, and speak

Hike The PCT – Separate legs (not all in one go)

Sail The West Coast – From Vancouver to Cabo San Lucas

Watch Judge John G. Evans preside over a court case

Surf tanker waves

Give a university lecture

Be able to read and play piano at an advanced level. Test: Play French Suite No. 5 in G major, BWV 816 by J.S. Bach

Run a marathon in under 4 hours

Write a best selling book