What I’m doing now…

Exploring Asia

I left the US in May of 2016 to visit my friend Takeo in Japan.

I’ve been traveling since.

I have spent the majority of my time in Vietnam. I still have many places I want to go to.

Building A Company

Handmade Marketing

Tropical MBA: This is hands-on learning in a low risk environment. The low cost of living abroad allows me to take the chance of starting a business without investment and without the worry of going broke.

My goal is to build a company that will:

  • provide stable income
  • allow me to work from anywhere in the world
  • help me learn from other businesses

About Handmade Marketing: We’re really good at helping companies get more traffic from Google searches. If you want your customers to easily find you when they search Google for the solution you offer, we’re your guys.

We are still narrowing down our focus.

Plastics & The Environment

My contribution to the environmental challenge of our generation:

Focus on plastics and the ocean. Learn as much as I can about the challenges and threats from plastic. Teach others so they can make better decisions and take action.

  • Research: Learn about plastics and human health.
  • Write: Simplify the science.
  • Teach: Build a website and write a book.
  • Support: Offer sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics