Micro Home: Da Nang, Vietnam

In the beginning of 2019, two of my friends here in Da Nang brought up the idea of building our own micro homes. I’d seen several videos of interesting micro homes online and I was intrigued by the thought of having my own.

We discussed and dreamed for about 6 months.

In September of 2019 we decided to do it together:

Here are the main steps along the way:

Securing The Land

We’ve signed a 5 year land lease for this property. It’s about 2 blocks from the Hanh river, which runs through the middle of Da Nang. And it’s about .5 miles from the beach.

Lot size: 14.5m x 21m

Monthly rent: 10 Million Dong (~$430 USD)

Neighborhood: Mostly new villas and empty lots

Design & Planning

Using a few free computer programs we made several designs to optimize the layout of the land. (My house is Container 1)

This is the design we settled on.

Foundation & Basics

Opening Ceremony

Before starting construction on the land it is recommended that we bless the land and honor spirits with a Vietnamese spiritual ceremony.

This involves providing offerings of food and beverages along with a ceremony involving incense, prayer, and burning of lucky money.

Home Footings

The micro homes will sit atop cement footings and be raised above the ground by about 1ft.

Having the micro home raised above the ground in intended to help in a few key areas:

Septic Tank

They do things a bit different here…

The septic tank includes two tanks:

  1. A main capture tank where all waste flows. Solids settle to the bottom and liquids spill over to the next tank…
  2. An overflow tank where liquids flow in to. This tank includes an outflow to the city line that takes wastewater away… somewhere…

This gentleman is standing in the overflow tank which is a bit smaller than the main tank.
Two inflow pipes (one for each house) are on the front and right into the main tank.

Gate Installation

Ready for Landing

Footings installed, land cleared, and container homes on the way!

The Micro Homes Arrive


Our homes arrive from the port!
Two homes on one flatbed


Crane bringing home from truck to property.
Both houses expanded (side walls not connected yet)
Floor, one wall, and ceiling expanded… side walls not connected yet.
Left site is unfolded, right side is still packed.
Bare bathroom

Water & Electricity

500L (132 gallons) water storage tanks (x2)
Waste water connection out to septic and water input to micro home.
Connection from city line to main breaker and one meter per house.
Plug in electricity… interior comes pre-wired


Floor installation
Flooring complete!
Baseboard panel installation

Electricity and AC

Furniture Installation



Old Lights
New Lights


Additional Roof + Siding + Step

Additional roof for water and sun protection. Frame to support siding.
Beginning of siding setup
Siding is up!
Beginnings of our garden
Side of house space (May 2020)

Tiling The Courtyard

Our next big projects:

Then COVID-19 happened…. returned back to California April 2020

Finished (Almost)

Returning to Vietnam, February of 2023