Interested in getting to know me a bit better?

I hope this helps:

My mission is to live a fulfilling life and improve the lives of my friends, family, and community. I do that by solving problems within my circle of influence. My favorite problems to solve are environmental, particularly related to natural environment conservation via education.

My Values & Priorities:

Health – maintain great physical and mental health

Family & Friends – maintain healthy relationships and make each other’s lives better

Security – maintain financial stability and independence

Contribution – make my community a better place to live; contribute to solving our environmental challenges

Here are some of the characteristics I value and hold myself to. I prefer to work with others who share these qualities.

  1. Reliable – You can trust me to show up on time, at my best, and meet deadlines.
  2. Honest – I seek the truth in everything I do and accept I will not always be right.
  3. Independent – I’m able to understand the underlying goal of a project and make mission-critical decisions.
  4. Modest – I have the ability to put my ego aside for the sake of fulfilling a mission.
  5. Able to Communicate – I pride myself in clear written communication. I actively and respectfully engage in conversations that bring all parties closer to the truth.

If my mission and values resonate with you, consider working with me in some capacity:

Website Consulting for Your Project

Partnerships To Increase Awareness for Environmental Issues

To learn more about my professional background you can visit my LinkedIn profile.