Why do we resist change even when we know it is what we need?

If you have the feeling your website is not performing at its best… this short post can help you clarify and overcome this common challenge.

The most common website challenges for cause-driven businesses:

I wish I had confidence that my website is actively growing my business without me having to worry about it!” – The Business Owner’s Dream

You are probably well aware that this is not just a dream. It is actually possible (and probably easier than you think).


Even though you know there is big opportunity awaiting, you delay taking action…

Why Business Owners Delay Fixing A Broken Website

The reason we delay doing what we know we need to do is Fear.

We are afraid to make a mistake and make things worse instead of better.

Top fears that drive procrastination:

When we fear something we often delay taking action. We may decide to focus only on the problems we know how to solve, ignoring our website.

As a result, you may find yourself thinking about improving your website and never taking action.

Here’s how I work to overcome fear and my personal recommendations to help you overcome fear when it comes to improving your website.

How To Overcome Fear and Make Better Business Decisions

The most effective way for me to overcome fear is through self-education.

My 3 steps to overcoming fear:

Step 1: Get Clarity

You can’t solve a problem before you understand it.

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.” 

Albert Einstein

I try to focus on solving only the most relevant and important problems that will help me reach my goals. Truly understanding what the problem really is, is my first step.

I will journal and brainstorm with trusted peers to define the problem and its significance to my core goals.

Start with listing the perceived problems, then combing through them 2-3 times to clarify the root cause for each and your desired outcome.

Step 2: Educate Yourself About The Problem

Find peers that have had a similar problem and have overcome it.

Example problem: “I’m only getting low-quality leads from my website

Do you know another business owner who has had this problem and overcame it? Do you know if any of your competitors are getting high quality leads from their website?

Dig in and further clarify and outline sub-questions or follow up questions.

There is a endless amount of information available through blog posts and YouTube videos to help you get clarity on your problem and potential solutions.

Your goal here is not to fix the problem, but understand more about it so you can prioritize it for action or set it aside for later.

If you have a question you can’t find an answer to, you can send it to me. I’ll send you the best resource available to answer your question.

Step 3: Take Specific Action To Resolve Your Problems

Prioritize your questions by asking yourself how solving these problems will help grow your business.

For the problems that turn out to be a low priority for you, you can sleep better knowing you’ve explored them and ear-marked them for a more appropriate time (next quarter, next year, etc.).

For the high priority problems or problems you still aren’t clear on, dig in with some simple journaling.

These are the prompts I use for myself and with my clients to help flush out what problems you need to solve:

Actions to help answer these questions are:

Perfectly fine solutions include:

Your Next Steps

In summary:

To clarify whether the opportunity outweighs the risk, dedicate about 1 hour to this exercise.

Journal on some of the prompts above and clarify the problems you want to solve + how important they are to the success of your mission.

If you get stuck along the way, you can reach out to me for help. Drop me a message, share your growth goals and biggest challenges.