Grow your cause with a website that actually works

If your website is not actively growing your supporter base, I can help you fix it.

I help founders and CMOs of cause-driven organizations clarify how their website can help them reach their growth goals and assist them in fixing it.


I’m David Evans and I’m here to help you create a website that actually works. 

Websites that work contribute to an organization’s growth, even while you sleep.

A working website should:

  1. Attract new supporters for your cause.
  2. Build trust with visitors.
  3. Actively and automatically grow members, donors, or sales.

If your organization has a worthy cause and your website isn’t checking these three boxes, I can help you transform it.

I have an education in environmental studies and over 6 years of experience in digital marketing. My passion is in supporting environmental and social causes. My expertise is in helping businesses leverage their website to achieve growth. 

When I see a website that isn’t working properly for a cause I believe in… my eyes light up. I’d love to help you grow your impact.

If you’re curious to learn more, send me a message.


David Evans

How does website consulting work?

I use a structured workflow, customized to your organization to help you identify problem areas and fix them. 

This is the same 3-Phase framework I developed and used time and time again to help businesses grow through my digital agency. Now, I’ve adjusted the structure to be specific to cause-driven organizations. 

Phase 1: Set The Right Foundation for Growth

The foundation of a successful website that is actively growing your support base is clarity on the value you offer and consistency in execution. 

Clarity means knowing the value your organization has to offer, who you serve, and how you communicate with them. Everyone working to fulfill your vision must be clear on these key points.

Execution is having your resources organized in a way they can be leveraged by your team and knowing how to integrate this strategy into your website.

Actions We Take:

  1. Clarify your target market
  2. Refine your messaging
  3. Produce your focus and communication guide
  4. Outline your supporter journey

At the end of Phase 1 you will have clear documentation on your primary offer, target audience, and your supporter journey.

Phase 2: Identify Opportunities & Weaknesses  

Identify your website’s growth roadblocks. Do you know what fundamental challenges you have that are slowing you down?

Before we can take any action we need to be clear on what your goals are. Your website must support the mission and goals of your cause. 

Once your goals are clear I’ll conduct a deep audit of your website and produce a prioritized improvement report. We’ll review together and select the top growth factors to focus on.  

Actions We Take:

  1. Goal setting
  2. Website inventory session
  3. Website deep-dive evaluation
  4. Prioritization of growth factors

Phase 3: Execute with Quality & Consistency 

In the first two phases we take the critical steps of clarifying your goals, evaluating where you are now, and building a plan to reach your goals.

In Phase 3, we will work together to implement the highest impact improvements for your website. Using the right tools can help you reach more people, lower your costs, and grow your impact. 

Some of the things I help my clients automate and/or optimize:

Actions We Take:

  1. Evaluate biggest opportunities for automation and optimization
  2. Implement technology and processes
  3. Provide training for new technologies
  4. Implement a monitoring and support system

What others are saying…

The website review by Dave Evans provided much needed marketing information as to the strengths and weaknesses of our website and how to improve it. The review identified key primary goals and made recommendations with specific exercises to upgrade the website.

I highly recommend Dave Evans to help others like us who need professional website services.

Farron Smith, Founder

Send me a message to setup a free consultation call:


How much does your consulting cost?

Consulting is priced on an as-needed basis. Every website is unique. Every team is unique. After an initial assessment we will determine what is needed and work together on a budget. 

How long does it take?

Timing depends on:

  1. Where your website is now in comparison to what your goals are
  2. How much resources in time and team you have to contribute to adjustments

Do you offer continued support?

I do provide continued support for teams. You can keep me on as an advisor or consultant via retainer. 

What if my team can’t make the changes you recommend? 

I am available to implement the updates if your team does not have the time or expertise.