Hey friends and family,

This is what I’m up to and where I’m headed next.

Here are my latest projects, aspirations, and travel plans in one place.

I created this site to answer:

  1. Where in the world is he now? – Good question! I’ve been outside of the US since May 2016. Where am I going next? Check out my travel plans here: Dave’s Travel Calendar
  2. When is he coming home?! – Sooner than you think! Can’t wait to see you! (Check the calendar)
  3. What is he doing? – I made a Now page, that I’ll try to keep updated. This covers the main things I’m focusing on now.
  4. How can I reach him? – Getting a call, text, or email from a friend or family members makes my day. I know the time zones can make it challenging. If I don’t respond immediately it’s probably because I’m asleep.
    1. You can always send me a message here: Message Me.
    2. And, you may not know that I have a working US number, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and much more. If you don’t have it yet, let me know.
    3. If you want to get ahold of me you definitely can!

What I will do on this site:

  • Keep my travel plans updated
  • Answer messages I receive from loved ones
  • Update my Now page

What I might do on this site:

  • Write a free-form journal entry on the Journal page (this is no-filter writing; you’ll see some grammar mistakes and some stuff just might not make any sense at all!)

What I probably won’t do here:

  • Write blog posts about places I go or things I do (I’m usually trying to enjoy the moment when I travel. )
  • Post a lot of pictures (I might post a few… but I don’t take many)

I hope I see you soon!