What I’m doing now…

Building a Micro Home in Vietnam

Check out the Micro Home page for details.

Building A Company

Handmade Marketing

Tropical MBA: This is hands-on learning in a low risk environment. The low cost of living abroad allows me to take the chance of starting a business without outside investment and without the worry of going broke.

My goal is to build a company that will:

  • provide stable income
  • allow me to work from anywhere in the world
  • help me learn from other businesses
  • help everyone I work with improve their lives

Current Focus: We are working on an online course to help coaches build a profitable business.

Plastics & The Environment

My contribution to the environmental challenge of our generation:

Focus on plastics and the ocean. Learn as much as I can about the challenges and threats from plastic. Teach others so they can make better decisions and take action.

  • Research: Learn about plastics and human health.
  • Write: Simplify the science.
  • Teach: Build a website and write a book.
  • Support: Offer sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics and empower everyone to have an influence over policy.